Fable Legends is Free to Play, Similar Payment Model to Killer Instinct

Newest Fable Title Goes Free to Play

Lion Head studios recently announced that the next installment to the Fable franchise, Fable Legends, is going to be free-to-play.

Fable Legends is going to be free-to-play because, as anyone that has been in this industry knows, that nothing 'free'-to-play comes without fine print.

Character Rotation

The game will take on a model similar to another Xbox One game, Killer Instinct. The game will have a rotating roster of playable heroes and while the heroes may change on a frequent basis, the player's progress with those heroes won't. If players like a certain hero, they can buy the hero with currency earned in-game.

Players can play the game to earn Silver. Any upgrades for heroes or creatures can be bought with Silver. Players can also buy Gold with real-world money, which can be used to buy many items, including items that are available for Silver.

The game is technically free-to-play, but it comes with the usual assortment of micro-transactions. How Lion Head will price these micro transactions will be something to look out for but if players want to grind and play the game for free, I'm sure they can.


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Published Mar. 2nd 2015
  • Elijah Beahm
    Featured Columnist
    The F2P system here might work. It's sure to add variety, if nothing else, and could work very well.

    Now if only it didn't require Windows 10... if MS requires this for Sunset Overdrive as well, I might just have to get a second HDD for Windows 10,.

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