Soda Drinker Pro Review - Who's thirsty?

After playing Soda Drinker Pro I really feel like I'm a pro at drinking soda.

Soda Drinker Pro is not what it looks like! There really is more to this game. Snowrunner Games has successfully made the best FPS (First Person Soda) drinker game ever. 

The first thing you see when you start Soda Drinker Pro is two cents graphics and a clip art cup of soda. The music is very 90s and funky.

This game has a very nostalgic feel, which makes you think, "Maybe it'll be 8 bit. Maybe the cup of soda will be like Shake from Aqua Teen Hunger and he'll go on missions and level up somehow." 

Let's hit start and see what's what. Turns out this game is based on inference skills and winging it; and a huge joke. 


There are two parts to Soda Drinker Pro. The first part is pretty much a troll, well the whole thing is a troll, but the first part is the biggest troll. The game starts with a floating soda, and you hear this eerie guy in the background saying, "I'm so happy to have this soda. I wish that I could eat soda."  

This game is so chill I thought it was a jumpscare type of game. All you hear is this creepy guy saying how much he loves soda.

I did figure out that you can tilt back with the left trigger and drink your soda with the right trigger. (OK, we're getting somewhere.) The inputs were easy, but it does take a while for you to drink the soda. You can't double tap it twice to make it go faster -- I tried, and you just have to sit there listening to the loud slurping.

There aren't any instructions, but you see other sodas floating around and you figure, "Hey, maybe I should see what those are about." You go over there thinking you might get extra points or something, but it doesn't happen. The guy just says "Bonus Soda!" 

This game is so chill I thought it was a jumpscare type of game. All you hear is this creepy guy saying how much he loves soda. Then, you get to the second level, and there's a house. You're apparently supposed to go in there or you miss the whole game--which may not be a bad thing.

It turns out you're on a quest to find rings that a turtle took. I'm still a little fuzzy on this. It started to feel like a bunch of mini games put together that have no instruction. I have not completed one mission. One minute fire is good for you and the next it's not. You transform into different animals at any given moment and then you have to adapt how you move. If you don't adapt quick enough you die. How do you calibrate insect to bird to sea turtle? If you figure it out let me know. It's very frustrating. You can also play as a floating balloon, a floating house/water tower thing, or a cup of soda--the whole thing is crazy! The inputs and controls feel like they change when you switch different items. It happens so fast it's hard to calibrate your next move when you're switching from insect to bug. 

Ambiance and Music

The ambiance is very eerie, but it fits each level. Through the whole game, I'm still expecting a jumpscare. Overall the music is pretty cool but it does get weird. The dialogue from the creepy guy is customized to the situation of each level. For example on the level with an empty pool he says things like, "I love drinking soda in the pool." Although the dialogue is customized, the tone of his voice is still the same, and his talking doesn't mix very well with the music. So, the audio is cool for about two minutes before you want to stick pencils in your ears. Don't play this with headphones on, just don't. 


The graphics are PlayStation 2 graphics at best. It is very pointy with bad lighting and awkward shapes. Graphics for actual game play is a lot of doodles and sketch like drawings.

I didn't enjoy this game. Although it was intended to be a huge joke, the punchline was not doing it for me. Play it and let me know what you think. Maybe they will come out with a co-op version. I hope not. 

Our Rating
After playing Soda Drinker Pro I really feel like I'm a pro at drinking soda.
Reviewed On: Xbox One

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Published May. 5th 2016

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