BOOTY HUNTERS, New Mobile Pirate Game!

Find legendary treasure, explore uncharged waters, raid transports for their cargo.

Have you heard about the Kickstarter for Booty Hunters, The Pirate Adventure Game? This game lets you explore the world looking for adventures where you can steal other pirates buried treasure, provide mercenary services to earn piles of gold, fight tribes protecting legendary relics, attack passing ships to steal their cargo, and avoid armadas hunting down pirates! 

My name is Andrew Martinson creator of Volcanic Lightning Games the studio behind Booty Hunters. I am a huge fan of MOBA games and spend plenty of time on HON and I wanted to make players get to feel that excitement of turning their hero or ship in this case into an force to be reckoned with!

Please check out our kickstarter at:

Booty Hunters gameplay can be broken into 3 categories, adventures, map, and town:


Adventures are where the majority of the game takes place, each adventure is a new level for the player to explore, fight, and hunt for treasure. While on adventures players have access to special abilities like rain of cannons that fires all cannons into the air damaging all enemies in the area of the 'rain.' Booty Hunters has many different adventure types with different objectives so players get lots of variety during their play. 

Some examples of adventure types are:
  • Contraband - sneak past patrols to deliver illegal goods.
  • Attack - sell your services as a mercenary to help a nation conqueror new land.
  • Race - beat an enemy convoy to a hidden relic while fighting off the tribe protecting it.
  • Retrieval  - hunt for a towns persons lost object.
  • Volcanic panic - rescue as many towns a possible before the level is over run with lava.
  • Diving Party - protect a party searching shallow waters for treasure.

Booty Hunters has many more adventures for players to explore and enjoy, take a peak at the early stages of our adventure gameplay in our gameplay video!


The map is where players must explore the unknown world to find new ports that may offer new abilities, new classes of ships for construction, and a pub for new rumors of treasure. New adventures are also discovered through exploration of the map, players can also see the difficulty of adventures based on their color.


The town is where players hire new crew, learn new abilities, find new first mates, upgrade their current ships weapons, sails, crew quarters, and if it's a ship port they can order construction of new types ships that have all different statistics allowing players to choose something that fit their play style. 

Booty Hunters also allows player lots of customization of abilities so players can mix and match abilities and find combinations that can even wipe our armadas!


Booty Hunters, The Pirate Adventure Game! MOBA, RTS , RPG all combined into one amazing mobile game! Become a pirate, sail the high seas, defeat enemies and take their booty!

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Published Oct. 31st 2013

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