Top 20 Minecraft Seeds for Minecraft 1.11 (November 2016)

Seed: -5744779235347951970
Coordinates: -101 71 265
Biomes: Plains, Roofed Forest

Every mansion in Minecraft 1.11 is different and has unique size, interior design, room structure and mob spawns.

This mansion can be located at 1783 70 551, and unlike the previous one, it is full of zombies and other hostile mobs, so be careful.

There is also a huge library inside, which can be found by following these coordinates 1804 85 505.

Lastly, underneath the mansion you will stumble upon an abandoned mineshaft that has a great chest at 1938 20 476 containing:

  • 12 lapis lazuli
  • 7 redstones
  • Enchanted Book – Efficiency IV
Published Nov. 1st 2016

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