Madden 18 Mobile Guide: How to Throw Passes

All passes are not created equal. Here's how to throw bullet passes, touch passes, and lob passes in Madden 18 mobile.

Like any game of football, passing is essential in Madden 18 Mobile. In fact, you won't get very far without it. Sure, the running game in 18 Mobile is a bit more forgiving than its console counterpart, but who wants to grind quarter after quarter of smash-mouth football when you can drop 40-yard bombs through the air? 

Madden 18 Mobile takes you through a robust tutorial that shows you all the ins and outs of the game, but it doesn't exactly spell out how to get more out of your passing game. This short guide will do just that by showing you how and why you would want to throw bullet passes, touch passes, and lob passes, as well as how to throw the ball away when you're under duress. 

Let's kick this off. 

How to Throw Bullet Passes in Madden Mobile 18

Throwing a bullet pass is simple. As you scan the defense and find an open man, press and hold on the receiver you want to throw to. This will make your QB throw a tight spiral that gets to the intended wideout faster than any other throw. 

Bullet passes are great for throwing balls into tight windows or when your receiver cuts between defensive zones. 

How to Throw Touch Passes in Madden Mobile 18

To throw a touch pass, double-tap on the receiver you want to throw to. Touch passes come in handy when your receiver is running a Deep Post route or a Flat route down the sideline. By throwing a touch pass, you'll give your wide receiver more time to clear through zones and get to the ball by putting an ideal amount of height under the ball. 

How to Throw Lob Passes in Madden Mobile 18

To throw a lob pass, all you have to do is tap the receiver you want to throw to. This is the default passing style for Madden 18 Mobile. Lob passes are perfect for getting passes over the top of defenders. This type of pass is perfect for when your wide receiver is above a defender but does not have another defender above him. 

How to Throw the Ball Away in Madden Mobile 18

It doesn't matter what play you pick: sometimes, you'll be under so much pressure that you'll just have to throw the ball away. To do that, make sure you move your quarterback outside of the tackles. Once you do that, a trash can icon will appear on the screen. Press that, and your QB will throw the ball away. 


Passing is pretty simple in Madden 18 Mobile, but now that you know exactly how to do it, you'll be dominating all of your head-to-head matchups and single-player challenges. 

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Published Aug. 23rd 2017

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