Layers of Fear 2 - Projector Screen Puzzle Solutions Guide

Stuck on Layers of Fear 2's projector screen puzzles? Use our guide to help get past all three instances of these confounding theaters.

Bloober Team's much-anticipated horror sequel, Layers of Fear 2, is out today and ready to boggle your mind once again.

We've got our full review ready for your consideration, but if you've already dived into the game's psychedelic horrors, you'll want to consider our guides to help navigate the labyrinthine ship. In this guide, we'll be explaining the game's recurring projector screen puzzles.

There are three instances of projector screen puzzles you'll encounter in the 4-5 hour story mode, and each one plays out a bit differently, so use our guide to help get through to the other side.

The First Projector

The first instance of the projector puzzle is relatively straightforward and sets the rules, so to speak, for how players should react to these movie screens. When you enter the room, approach the projector and notice you can manipulate which frame is shown on screen. 

What you'll want to do is carefully manipulate the movie shown on screen, turning the projector dial slowly until you stop at the frame where a door appears on the screen.

It looks like a door in the movie, but walk up to it and this movie door will transform into a functional door for the player character. Walk through it to advance the story. You've done it! Easy enough, right? Well, they get trickier.

The Second Projector

The second instance of this puzzle type is the most involved, for sure. It begins the same. Approach the projector sitting in the middle of the room and begin to manipulate the dial, scanning the movie on screen frame by frame. The magical door you seek will not so easily manifest this time, however.

What you'll need to do is tweak the dial backwards until you stop on the frame with the pictures of keys all over the screen. Leave it there and approach the screen. A key should manifest on the ground in front of you. Pick it up to add it to your inventory and return to the projector. 

Begin to dial again, this time forward until you find the door image again. This next step may not be mandatory but do it like us anyway, just to be safe. Now when you approach the screen again, key at the ready and door showing on screen, you may think you're done, but nope. The knob falls off and dissipates into thin air. Take it as a clue that there's still one more step.

Return to the projector, and tweak it in reverse again (to the left). The door should stay there, frame by frame, and eventually it'll settle into its correct position on a background full of door handle images like that pictured above. 

Now you can walk back to the screen, use the key on the magic movie door, and advance to the next part of the story.

The Third Projector

The final projector puzzle appears late in the game in an unforgettable theater cloaked in red light. This one isn't as complex as the second projector, but it does hide its solution a bit more. 

It mostly plays out like the first projector puzzle. You need to tweak the frames using the dial until you see the object on screen you need. That should be it, only this time the object is hardly there. Look closely, though, and you'll catch a hazy outline of something if you're going slow enough. When it's there, approach the screen.

If you did, it will turn into a small lighthouse and instantly transport you to the next part of the game. This one is a bit annoying because it feels more like trial and error than a cleverly designed enigma like so much else seen in the game, but hopefully our guide has helped make it easy.

You can find more Layers of Fear 2 guides here on GameSkinny, and be on the lookout for more guides in the days ahead. Stuck on a certain puzzle? Comment below and we'll create a guide for it!


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Published May. 24th 2019

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