Guild Wars 2 Free Trial Extended

Guild Wars 2 free to try through October 6th.

The Guild Wars 2 Twitter @GuildWars2 tweeted out that the game's free trial period has been extended. The trial will now last until October 6th at 1159PM Pacific. This is the perfect time to give Guild Wars 2 a shot if you were wondering whether it was the game for you or not.

ArenaNet has made some major improvements within the game and with the service itself. Back when I played consistently, I didn't have much reason to progress. I felt like there wasn't much to do, but recently ArenaNet has released several new content patches aiming to release one every two weeks. There is a plethora of things to do in the game now.

I really recommend jumping in Guild Wars 2 during this free trial period if you don't already own the game. In my opinion it's well worth a play, especially while it doesn't cost you anything. If you feel the game is for you, you can still pick up a copy at most major retailers. Leave a comment below if you'll be trying the game out this week while it's free.

Published Oct. 3rd 2013

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