Best mobile games based on your Kids favorite movies

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Despicable Me: Minion Rush

  • Google: 4.5/5 - ‎8,124,869 votes
  • iOS: 4.5/5 - ‎642 reviews

Gru’s loyal minions need to collect exotic fruit to make jelly. Play the game by controlling a minion, either Dave, Carl, or Jerry, in fun, fast-paced challenges. Jump, roll, dodge, and scramble against other players. Encounter secret areas, boss fights, power-ups, ride Gru’s rocket, destroy things as the 'Mega Minion,' or collect fruit while riding the Fluffy Unicorn.


  • Jelly Lab Mode
  • Global Events Mode
  • Special Mission Mode
  • Races Mode
Available on iOS and Android.
Published Dec. 17th 2015

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