Best mobile games based on your Kids favorite movies

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Disney's Cinderella Free Fall

  • Google: 4/5 - ‎94,900 votes
  • iOS: 3.5/5 - ‎38 reviews
  • Amazon: 4.2/5 - 47 votes
  • Windows: 4.2/5 - 4,847 votes

Play as young Ella with her animal friends Gus and Jacqueline by completing over 100 levels of making matches with butterfly jewels on the game board. Each level has a move limit and a different requirement, from earning points to collect large quantities of gems, and more.


  • Unlock power-ups
  • Unlock characters
Available on iOS, Windows, Amazon apps, and Android.

I hope these great games satisfy your little one's gaming craves!

Published Dec. 17th 2015

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