Questions Answered Regarding The Elder Scrolls Online Subscription

Answering questions from gamers regarding the upcoming Elder Scrolls Online launch.

If you've got questions, I have some answers.

There have been many questions being asked by gamers regarding The Elder Scrolls Online.

  • Will I need a separate subscription for Playstation and Xbox to play?
  • Will servers be split between EU and NA, or will there be one megaserver?
  • Will console users be on the same servers as PC users?
I'm here to tell you not everyone is going to be happy.

Bethesda's upcoming Elder Scrolls Online has Zenimax Online Studios making one heck of a controversial decision on charging an additional subscription fee for the MMO.

Could this be a huge mistake on their part?

PS4 members will not need a Playstation Plus (PS+) subscription to play the game. Xbox One members, however, will be required to have an Xbox Live Gold subscription.

Will this be such a huge issue for Xbox One users since a Gold subscription is already needed for pretty much everything? Only time will tell.

News on the servers is that they will be split. PS4 and Xbox One users playing The Elder Scrolls Online will either be on the European megaserver or on the North American megaserver.

Console users will have their own ESO megaservers (European and North American). PC and Mac users will have their own as well. This can be good news as console players won't have to worry about higher-level PC players.

The Elder Scrolls Online is scheduled to launch for PC on April 4th, 2014 and in June 2014 for Xbox One and PS4. The game has an 'M' rating from ESRB.

Published Jan. 28th 2014

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