My Husband Tim, the Epic Dad

My husband Tim is among the geekiest  out there. His favorite thing to do is to bestow his geekiness upon our kids, Lucas (3 years old) and Isa (10 months old).  Like when he had Lucas test his new headphones in the above video.

Or when he rearranged the living room to make the Xbox Kinect Lucas height. He then taught Lucas how to play Fruit Ninja at 2. Kid is GOOD too.  

I think Tim's most proud moment was when, at 3 years old, Lucas beat him while playing Lego Batman.  Tim says they were... "tears of joy", but I'll let you decide. 

He's just started geeking out with Isa, letting her hold the extra Xbox controller while he plays and getting so excited when she giggles at it.  I can only imagine what the future holds for her geekiness!

I'm proud of my little geek family.  Tim is currently working on taking the nerdiness to the next level with the HTML and CSS  for babies books! 


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Published May. 31st 2013

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