And This is Why Sony Cares More About Gamers Than Microsoft

PlayStation exhibits a continued determination to support new and budding minds in the industry...even if it means a financial loss.

I've been saying it for years:

When comparing the customer service history between Sony and Microsoft in the gaming industry, the two companies are night and day. They just are.

I'm not saying Microsoft doesn't care one whit about gamers. I'm not saying they haven't produced excellent games for the Xbox platforms. I'm not saying Sony hasn't screwed over their customers more than once. There is no such thing as 100 percent "good" or "evil" in the world of business, and there will always be questionable practices on the massive corporate levels.

But the proof is in the pudding, as they say:

Sony takes a loss on most of its games, just so so they can continue to support fresh, promising talent

When I read that story at DualShockers, I wasn't exactly surprised. Anyone who has been an avid PlayStation fan for years is aware of Sony's commitment to games, which is why the PS2 is quite possibly one of the greatest consoles ever made, and why the PSN is frequently loaded with wildly innovative and creative titles you won't find anywhere else. However, I did find myself asking this question: Could Microsoft make the same statement? Could they say they willingly take a loss on six or seven out of every ten games they produce, just to give young minds a chance?

I bet not. The reason is simple: When you look at which company has taken the lion's share of the risks over the past decade or so, it's undoubtedly Sony. There have been a few exclusive, highly imaginative and accomplished titles on Xbox Live, but not a fraction of what we've seen on the PSN. Another question: Would we ever have seen something like Journey on Live? I'm not saying it's impossible but the point is, we haven't.

And it's entirely because of the PlayStation brand's dedication to innovation and creativity.

Companies always strive for money, but how they go about business differs drastically

The blanket statement that "all companies are just out for money" makes me nuts. Of course they're out for money; if they don't make it, they're not in business. It's a ridiculously obvious statement, but it's annoying because it implies that all companies conduct business the same way. Clearly, that isn't the case.

The way Sony conducts business, as opposed to the way Microsoft conducts business, are two very different things. That's why it's night and day to compare them. That's why PlayStation fans are quick to point to Sony's commitment to the consumer above all else, and why Microsoft fans had to suffer through four years of a completely broken piece of gaming equipment, with the manufacturer lying the entire time. MS claimed they didn't know what was wrong and they couldn't fix the "Red Ring of Death" issue, which nobody with a brain believes. They simply opted not to fix it because it inflated Xbox 360 sales numbers due to multiple repeat purchases.

This has also led to two very different groups of dedicated fans. I'm willing to bet Alan Wake would've fared better had it been a PlayStation exclusive, because PlayStation fans are the ones who appreciate that sort of effort. Maybe I'm wrong; it's just a theory.

But if you want to think your desires matter as a gamer, there's little reason to side with Microsoft, and many reasons to side with PlayStation

As a consumer, I'd like to think I'm being heard every now and then. I'd like to believe that despite the size of any given company, they still appreciate the money they receive from their customers. This is the sort of simple give-and-take relationship upon which business is based. I owned the Xbox and Xbox 360, and I owned the PlayStation consoles. At no point in owning those Xbox consoles did I feel like anything more than a faceless dude with a wallet. On the other hand, as a PlayStation owner, I've always felt just a little more connected to the brand.

Call it biased, if you want. I call it simple observation and a logical reaction to the facts.

Published Jul. 5th 2014
  • ShotgunForFun
    lol, your click bait articles are getting worse and worse. At least pretend to be unbiased. Sony has been screwing over gamers since the PS3 launch (i.e. removing backwards compatibility, losing all the worth while exclusive titles, charging for sub-par services). And the fanboys who were probably all born in the 90s keep calling all this piss, rain. I say they're born in the 90s because that's the only way they would be so biased towards one console that isn't Nintendo, they were in awe of the PS2 as children (which was an amazing system).

    Now it's getting worse: the first "bundle" is actually an online only game so you'd have to spend another 20 bucks to play it. So basically you're paying for an XB1 but not getting the Kinect or exclusive titles. Best of all Destiny is right around the corner and they still haven't fixed their online service, which they now charge for and don't seem to mention that to anyone. Yet another lie by the way since they've said it was resolved days ago. Reminds me of when they lost all of our personal information but said "It was encrytped" which was another blatant lie. Any 15 year old could of hacked their service and read their uncomplicated "CC#: NAME:" code.

    I'm sitting here looking at my dust filled PS4, reminded of my PS3, and regretting not just spending the money on a computer (like everyone else I've talked to in my retail job). If you're pretending that you actually play your system, and are happy about spending so much money on a PS3.5 you are a delusional and/or ignorant child. In fact I know you are from the way you respond to actual criticism instead of your ridiculous opinions you somehow think are truth.

    Now let's look at M$... the 360 had a RROD, and they were upfront about their XB1 ideas but ultimately changed them do to fan outrage. Yup what a terrible company. I wonder how much they charged people for their RRODs oh right, nothing. Working in retail I can tell you that Sony charged a minimum of 200 dollars for any broken component.
  • Forsaken77
    If Sony is "all about the gamer" (biggest bunch of BS I've heard in a long time) then why have millions of PS gamers been suffering from the CE-34878-0 error code SINCE LAUNCH of the PS4 (it's now July) and they refuse, or are simply unable to fix it. We can't even play single player games because of this.

    Sony's dualshock 4 controller also has a quality defect that thousands of people have been reporting... that the rubber on the left analog stick starts tearing away very prematurely. I've had a 360 for 8yrs and NEVER had the rubber peel off my controller. I had a RROD console after 3yrs of use and Microsoft replaced it for free. In fact, since I started gaming back in the early 80's, I have never had this happen to a controller. I have it happening on 2 PS4 controllers right now.

    So don't tell me Sony is all about gamers just because they have a bunch of crappy indie games. Journalists shouldn't be spewing fanboy propaganda. Whatever happened to journalistic integrity?
  • Daniel Lawson
    This is the biggest crock of shit I've read in a long time. Sony takes a loss because they don't market their games correctly. Microsoft has been the key reason many of these bigger indie developers are even in the spot they are in now. XBLA was a huge boon for small time developers long before PSN ever came out.
    The real Truth is that none of these companies have you really in heart. Sure some of the people who work there may genuinely have your best interest at heart, but the real reason for all this is to make money through entertainment. These are not non-profit companies.
  • Zep_fan_81
    YES YES YES! Well said. I had the same sort of experience, ditched PS2, went to the Xbox360, 6 consoles later and Im back with PS4. All is right in my little world once more. Well burnt by microsoft on the console front, god help anyone going with them. However, everything else other than the consoles they do is perfectly fine with me. Cant win 'em all microsoft.
  • Daniel Su
    Wow you just got told

    You are in no means a journalist at all. You should even have the jobs if you're going to make stupid claims like that. I really hope you don't do this at major news reporters. because they will sure fire you for it
  • name_8541
    I totally agree.
  • honkyjesus
    Ultimate N4G console flamewar piece.
  • topher339
    Honestly, I'm really just tired of people arguing that Sony listens while Microsoft doesn't. Regardless of whether or not it's true it won't change. One side will never be ever to convince the other either.
  • Rothalack
    Master O' Bugs
    Let me just drop this here real quick...

    I feel better now.
  • Mason_1653
    I laugh at the Microsoft fans trying to defend their console. It amazes me that xbox fans think they have exclusives that are actually worth playing. There is hardly a difference between CoD and the Halo series. After Halo 2 the series hit rock bottom. Let's not also forget that your launch Xbox 360 didn't even have built in wireless! You had to buy 60$ for an adapter. The first adapter was so shitty that they had to release a new version of it. Let's not forget that "Xbox Parties" killed gaming on the Xbox. No longer can you hear your random teammates because they are too busy talking dirty to each other in a party. I switched from Xbox to Ps3 after my Xbox broke for the 4th time and Microsoft would not repair it for free. Bought The Last of Us and a Ps3. Ps3 got the yellow light and Sony shipped me a new one and all I had to do was ship the broken one back.
  • gamestate
    Wonder if this article will incite the xtots.....(reads comments) yep called that one.
  • h_5159
    why does it always come to this = microsoft vs. sony??? yes you are biased,
  • Tony D_8938
    Way to state a thesis and then not support it at all.

    Remember the big embarrassing Red Ring situation where Microsoft spent a bajillion dollars repairing consoles for no charge?

    Remember when the PS3 had the yellow light and Sony said "sorry about your luck"?

    Sorry, but my launch 360 still works because they fixed it 5 years after I bought it. My launch PS3 doesn't.
  • Fathoms_4209
    Featured Columnist
    You're not serious.

    The Xbox 360 was widely considered to be one of the worst consumer electronic products in history. Not just in video games, but in all of electronics history. The top 5 major retailers were reporting 33% failure rates for the first FOUR YEARS of the 360's reign. MS didn't offer to fix anything for free for a very long time; in the first years, when they LIED to people about not being able to fix the problem (just to inflate their sales numbers), they forced you to pay $150 to fix it.

    The YLoD issue resulted in a maximum of about a 5% failure rate reported by retailers. It disappeared in the first year. The Xbox 360 failed and failed and kept failing, and you're honestly going to compare the two? I mean.....LMAO.
  • netmaniac73
    sonny hellp new people on the first game not looking on the profit of that game but in the future of the industry.
    Too much Sony love and opinion in this, for me. I know, I know, it's an opinion piece, but it lacks any real facts. Sony are hardly the only company to take risks: First off, Kinect was a HUGE risk. Sony didn't take any risks hardware wise, all their systems have been expensive and unimaginative during the PS3 era, save for PS Move, which is just a Wii clone. We all know that.

    On that subject, the Wii was probably the single biggest risk any game company took on in the last decade, and it was a huge success. Wii U, not so much, but still.

    Giving Sony way too much credit. Don't get me wrong, I love Sony and the PS brand, much more than Microsoft or the Xbox, but this is just kinda bullshit.
  • multiplat_2859
    I feel like the title of this article should be changed. "And This is Why Sonys PR is better Than Microsofts."

    I Kind of feel like this is a love letter. I love my PS4 but come on....
  • Mel_8878
    You know articles like this does only one thing. Fuel pointless fanboy comments especially from the target console. These articles doesn't help sells or anything else. People will buy what they think is hot. Last Gen Xbox 360 was the system to have primary USA. This Gen is shaping up to be PS4. In the end it don't matter because last Gen PS3 put up comparable numbers in sales, world wide. Xbox One is not rule out this Gen and its still early. Both sides will argue the strengths of their system of choice vs it's competitor. I've been gaming a long time far back as atari black and white pong. The one thing I know you either buy all the consoles and feel complete or stop looking over your shoulder and enjoy your system of choice. I pray to GOD almighty one day I will see some kind of universal console. Because I think it really stupid to own 3-4 systems to play Mario, Halo and god of war. We lose companies win no matter what the brand.
  • Aaron_3556
    If Sony is taking a loss on a significant portion of their games, then they are making poor business decisions. They are not a charity for gamers they are a business. If you think they are in it for something other than money, you are incredibly naive. Of course Sony and Microsoft want to bring the best experience possible to their customers because that turns into more revenue, but neither of them is going to support something that they fully expect to lose them money in the long run. If they did that, they would not be the massive, successful corporations that they are today.
  • Christopher _8821
    Sony & Nintendo are my 2 favorite companies.I've been done with Xbox after my 360 died 15 months after I bought it. I'm glad I stuck with PS3 instead, and now Wii U is getting really kickass games like Xenoblade Chronicles X
  • jaster_7572
    Sony isn't taking a loss on purpose. Sony is taking losses because most of their exclusive games aren't that great. The better the graphics the more generic the gameplay is the Sony way.

    Argue that point all you want but its true. The only sorta exception is naughty dog but their games win on story not gameplay.

    Sony exclusives have and always will be less hardcore with less new gameplay but they will always be great to

    That's why their exclusives don't generally make money
  • Fathoms_4209
    Featured Columnist
    Not even remotely close to accurate. Sony exclusives are head-and-shoulders above Microsoft's at all times. Xbox is the ultimate console for casuals for a reason.
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