10 Soundtracks That Make the Game

Katamari Damacy

Yu Miyake

I'd venture to say that without the music accompanying Katamari Damaci, the game is little more than a terrifying technicolor acid trip. Sure, it's a game where a cute little alien rolls things into a ball, but eventually those things are screaming civilians, houses, and entire cities. And don't forget that when you're finished, the ball gets turned into a star. Your goal in Katamari Damacy, essentially, is to abduct an entire population and burn it alive.

Fortunately for us, the ringing, honking, and clamoring of the Katamari is backed by a lighthearted, J-Pop-infused score that reminds us all not to take the game too seriously. Which is good, because the game is absolutely bonkers.

Published Jun. 13th 2015

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