Splatoon Slated for Q2 2015 Release

Squids shooting ink is Nintendo's answer to the shooter genre.

During the Electronics and Entertainment Expo this year, Nintendo showed off some interesting games and features for their vast library of games. One of the games that created buzz was Splatoon. For those who don't know, Splatoon is Nintendo's variation on the shooting genre, giving shooting some charm.

Not much was mentioned at the trade show other than the multiplayer mode, which is said to play like capture the flag. I was at E3 and gave it a run and it was one of my surprise titles of the show. Not too many people even knew it existed until Nintendo's presentation before the doors opened.

During the Direct presentation, details were finally mentioned about the single player mode. You play the squids in their epic fight against their fierce rivals, the octopi! You can transform into human form to traverse through the ink that you cover the landscape with.

The release date was the last piece of the puzzle that Nintendo had yet to reveal. We didn't get an exact release date but we now have a ball-parked date for the second quarter of 2015 for Splatoon.


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Published Nov. 6th 2014

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