Hate Fallout 76? Check Out These 8 Fallout Full Conversion Mods Instead!

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What did you think of our list of Fallout major overhaul mods, and are there any we missed that should be added?

Sadly, the options for Fallout 4 these days are still quite lacking. Total conversion mods tend to create much rejoicing and fanfare when they are announced... and then promptly fall off the map. It's not hard to understand why.

These are huge projects, nearly the equivalent of a full game development, and when you aren't getting paid and just have volunteers working in their free time, feature creep and lack of drive kill a ton of total conversion mods. 

A few are worth keeping your eye on that may still arrive in the future, like Fallout Cascadia and Fallout: The Frontier. If those ever finally see stable, feature-complete releases, we'll be sure to get them added here.

Published Jun. 7th 2018

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