These Are the Cosplay Ideas for 2017!

Sombra - Overwatch

The game has garnered more than its fair share of internet outrage over the past few months - from Symmetra's "white girl" vampire skin during Halloween, to Mei's botched waistline in her most recent CNY skins. Further cosplay efforts like above Pion Kim's fantastic Sombra came under fire for "brownface", i.e. her use of bronzer to darker her skin tone so that she could more closely match the character's.

D.Va and Mei are both just as likely to pop up at your local convention, particularly the former as her bodysuit and props are fairly inexpensive and easy to come by, but with a few more well-needed updates to the Sombra character kit due to hit the PTR, this purple-haired hacker is sure to pop up more and more. 

(Sombra - Boop! Hacking Complete! (Overwatch Cosplay) 오버워치 - 솜브라)

Published Jan. 31st 2017

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