WildStar: One Fan's Maths Are Too Strong

One Reddit user accurately estimates the size of Galeras, in comparison to Nexus. He did it all with just a Warrior Leap.

Catching up on my Twitter feed, I came across an interesting tweet from @Team_Wildstar.

I did a double take when reading this tweet. It seems based on the replies to the tweet, I was not the only one who was amazed by this. Therefore, I had to go straight to the source on Reddit to find out for myself.

It seems the Reddit user MtlSnk watched the warrior live stream hoping for a good reference for distance. He of course found a reference in the form of the Warrior's leap. The Warrior's leap travels 20m if there are no nearby enemies. From there, MtlSnk began his calculations. In the end MtlSnk came to the conclusion that Galeras is about 4km², making it about 1% of Nexus.

Among the comments was one from a Carbine developer. CRB_Beepz left the following response to MtlSnk.

Wow, that’s impressive! I actually just ran my own calculations a couple weeks ago, and the explorable area is 3.86 km2, so you were just about spot on!

However, there’s one caveat: While we limit the area you uncover on the map to that area, we don’t prevent you from going off into the mountains and seeing whatever lies underneath the uncharted areas. If you can find a way off the beaten path, more power to you! For reference, that’s a total of 7.77 km2 for the whole of Galeras (with some overlap for the other zones, since they’re not perfect squares).

So never stop exploring!

I think it's pretty impressive that MtlSnk was able to come up with all of that just based off a live stream. Based on the numbers alone, the world of WildStar is going to be huge. Explorers are going to have a ball exploring everything. Remember Winter Beta is coming.

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Published Nov. 12th 2013

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