Dungeon Defenders II open alpha released amid server problems

Servers hit hard over the weekend during Dungeon Defenders II's open alpha release.

Trendy Entertainment's long-awaited sequel to its 2011 tower defense RPG, Dungeon Defenders, has finally broken through the early alpha stage on Steam's Early Access platform last week, and can now be played for free by all.

The Dungeon Defenders series is a co-operative 4 player tower defense action RPG hybrid. Despite that mouthful, the games have had enjoyed quite a lot of success on multiple platforms over the past few years. 

Unlike its predecessor, the sequel has spent the past year as a paid Early Access alpha, while intending to make a full release as a free-to-play title. Dungeon Defenders II also released onto Sony's early alpha platform on the PS4 last month.

The Steam launch has not come without some issues, though, as the servers reached peak numbers over the weekend. 

"We've been hitting record concurrency numbers, and there are starting to be some issues with the way our backend service handles all of the matchmaking requests coming in so quickly."

"What we’re releasing should solve the immediate problem, but there’s more work to be done, so expect further improvements in the future. "

- Trendy Entertainment via Steam

However, connection problems due to the overpopulated servers appear to have been swiftly solved by the dev team so far.

The open alpha is also being released with the rollout of a new two-part patch titled Ascension.

If swinging swords at things and receiving tons of loot is your cup of tea, then maybe a free hot cup of Dungeon Defenders II will be all you need to wake up in the morning.


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Published Oct. 21st 2015

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