Grand Theft Auto Online Gameplay Video Showcases Glitches

Grand Theft Auto Online has been plagued by glitches and error messages since its release on October 1, and a new gameplay video shows off some of those annoying problems.

Earlier this week, I wrote an article with a list of the nine most prolific glitches/errors that players were experiencing when trying to play Grand Theft Auto Online.  That list was not comprehensive, but IGN posted a video that allows you to see some of the problems in-game.

Once again, the video is not comprehensive as it only covers the glitches that the person was able to record while playing.  However, in roughly 3 minutes, the player was able to get footage of one of the major glitches and some little glitches that are pretty entertaining to watch. 

Just a heads-up: The video does contain moments of violence and some language.  Nothing that is too terrible but just a little forewarning.

Glitchy Session #1:

Right at the beginning of the video, it looks like the player just completed the first race of Grand Theft Auto Online.  That race caused a lot of problems for people and the same mission pops up again in Session #2.

After getting into the car, the game spawns in a "doppelganger" NPC on top of the player's car and you can see that the NPC moves around in the car.  The video jumps to the player outside of the car and shows that the "doppelganger" and both cars have now vanished. 

Then our fearless friend decides to run into traffic and gets hit by a car, albeit the NPC driving the car did not really attempt to stop.  The collision triggers several NPCs to start firing their guns at the driver and that is either a glitch or Grand Theft Auto Online is more dangerous that I thought.  Not sure if NPCs are supposed to carry guns or how many are programmed to carry guns, but it makes for a funny moment nonetheless.

After driving away, in the NPC driver's car no less, the player runs into two of the NPCs before finally leaving the area.  The video cuts again to the car suddenly braking hard before stopping as the player gets teleported back to where the video starts.  The cutscene with Lamar plays (again, presumably the player would have already watched it before) and the video cuts to begin Session #2.

"I feel like.. like.. I've been here before!"

Glitchy Session #2:

To be honest, Session #2 is not as funny as the others but does showcase the major glitch/error that many players experienced when trying to access the first race.  The loading screen shows the player grouped together with other players trying to play that first race and they just stand there. 

The "Launching Session" loading screen causes the game to freeze and players have to restart the game from there.  While trying to load that same race, I had to try seven times to get the race to load right and ended up only racing against the NPC, Lamar.

Glitchy Session #3:

Session #3 is where things in Grand Theft Auto Online started to get a little strange.  The session starts with the player driving in San Andreas and the time of day changes from dusk to mid-day instantly.  This is another glitch that I have run into a couple of times with last night being the most recent time it has happened.

Ladies and Gentleman, I give you.. the Invisible Man!

Soon after, the player gets thrown out of their car while in reverse and the player model disappears completely!  All the player can see is the gun in their hand while running and then the game seems to stop.  Textures fail to load and once again the player is teleported back to the parking lot at the start of the video. 

The best part is that the player is now frozen in place on top of the mission start logo.  The player can only run in place as an NPC driver approaches them slowly, and then honks their horn at the player for standing in the middle of the parking lot.  After a few awkward seconds between the player and the NPC driver, the driver vanishes and the game reloads the cutscene with Lamar again.

Grand Theft Auto Online is definitely experiencing some growing pain at the moment and the problems will likely continue for the next couple of weeks.  Rockstar is continuing to try and fix the issues that players are experiencing, and players just need to relax and let them work.  With this article, my intention is not to nit-pick the issues that Grand Theft Auto Online is having, but to show some of the problems to those that might not have played online yet.

Published Oct. 4th 2013

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