Report: Remember Me Developer Files for Bankruptcy

Sadly, it seems Dontnod Entertainment can't pay their bills.

Remember Me was one of the most promising titles of 2013. However, it fell short of expectations and as a result, the developer is in trouble.

According to a Factor News report, Dontnod Entertainment is bankrupt and has entered receivership. Their first and only game met with decent reviews, but the moderate praise wasn't good enough to translate to high sales.

Chances are, the team spent a great deal on this project, as Capcom wanted Remember Me to become one of their next big franchises. At the time, some journalists questioned the decision of utilizing an untested developer for such an ambitious title; unfortunately, those questions are now being answered.

The game featured a great concept and had loads of potential. However, as most critics pointed out, it lacked that AAA polish and refinement, and wasn't as dynamic or innovative as it could've been. The mechanics ended up feeling repetitive and not enough was done with the narrative.

So, don't expect a sequel.

A new IP has to be REALLY good

In order to succeed at a high level in this industry,  you have to produce a gem. It's not that Remember Me wasn't good; it's that it simply wasn't good enough. You're competing against established franchises, and you're also competing against games that excel on just about every possible level. If you can't meet that challenge, you will be left behind. It's too bad, but that's competition.

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Published Jan. 31st 2014

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