Action RPGs in 2021: 14 Games to Look Out For

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Rune Factory 5

  • Platforms: Switch
  • Release Date: 2021

In a slight change of pace from Dying Light, Rune Factory 5 is a vibrant RPG sim with a bit of action thrown in for good measure. After suffering from memory loss (because no farm-sim game with action elements would be complete without it), you end up in a small town where your story begins.

Since Rune Factory is first and foremost a simulation game, a lot of your time will be spent farming, fishing, taming creatures, building relationships, and more.

But outside of the town, there's plenty of action to be had as you become a member of a band of peacekeeping rangers. There's plenty to do, whether you choose to live a domestic life, a dangerous one, or both in this upcoming Switch exclusive. 

Published Feb. 22nd 2021

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