Easy Halloween Video Game Costumes for Super Lazy Cosplayers

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Happens every year: you always mean to put together your perfect Halloween cosplay on time, but it just never quite works out that way.

You had grand (and doomed) plans to put together the perfect outfit from your favorite game or anime, and you started plotting it out well in advance so time wouldn't run out this year like all those times before.

Then wouldn't you know it, it's time for the Halloween party and you've got nada. It's not your fault: you were binge watching Black Mirror or are still shocked from that Walking Dead season opening and couldn't do anything.

For the lazy among us who didn't budget their time properly, here are some great cosplays to put together quickly on minimal effort!


Green or brown pants, green shirt, baseball cap with googly eyes, and a book under arm: boom, you're the perfect Popcap Games' Bookworm!

There are lots of variations on this idea for different games featuring bookworms. This cosplayer above has added in a clever Silent Hill element, riffing off the bookworm class found in Silent Hill: Book Of Memories.

Image source: Bookworm


White bucket, black marker, white pants, and duct tape give you bucket head stormtrooper (maybe they were going for the Lego Star Wars version?), which is officially my new favorite thing.

Now you just need to fire a blaster wildly and utterly fail to hit anyone who looks like a main character.

Image source: Stormtrooper


Showering Sim

There are a ton of cosplays for these nude showering characters from The Sims floating around the web with varying degrees of effort. Really all you need is poster board and markers (or if you're feeling particularly lazy and have a ton of ink, just print off squares of the different colors).

The head icon is easy with some green craft foam and a headband. For a more authentic feel, be sure to have someone dressed as God following you around and constantly messing with you.

Image source: Showering Sim

Arthur Dent

Pajamas, bathrobe, towel: done! A big, friendly “Don't Panic” sign sure spices it up a bit and lets people know you aren't just a dude on the way to the shower.

Before anybody gets all snarky and tries to tell me Hitchhiker's Guide was a novel series that made it to movies and television but was never a video game, go ahead and put on the breaks real quick: a little known interactive text game was in fact released in 1984, so there!

Image source: Arthur Dent


Walter White

Alright, I'm stretching credulity here on the video game front, but I've got a surprise wild card: there was actually a lame official AMC mobile game version of Breaking Bad!

This one's simplicity itself. A green shirt, tightie whities, no pants, and glasses are all it takes to become a recognizable meth kingpin. Maybe don't wear this one while taking your kids out trick or treating, though.

Image source: Walter White


OK, so you got me on this one – kind of. There are two Stranger Things games, but neither of them let you play as Barbara, which is, honestly, quite a shame.

The unsung hero of Stranger Things, unceremoniously murdered too early and deserving of a better fate, Barb's not too hard to put together if you've got a red wig and access to a thrift store: freckles, glasses, frilly plaid shirt, and jeans. This cosplayer had the nice touch of missing Barb flyers!

Image source: Barbara


Pac-Man Ghost

A monochromatic sheet of fabric, umbrella, and poster board cut into the eye shapes give you any Pac-Man ghost you want! Of course this one's ultra lazy if you don't actually get anyone to play the game's title character...

Image source: Pac-Man Ghost

Red Ring Of Death

The terror of many just a few years back, you can resurrect this old enemy of gamers the world over in some really easy ways.

A couple of those flexible short red glow sticks with connecting pieces sold at dollar stores everywhere are a simple method, or if you're being really lazy, a t-shirt and some markers will always do.

Image Source: Deviant Art


Missing DLC Costume

This one's too perfect. It's lazy, it's funny, and it's a statement on the despicable practice of incomplete games relying on extra money from already-finished DLC that should have been part of the base experience.

Image source: Missing DLC Costume 

Are you going to be relying on any of our ultra-lazy cosplays for a costume party this year? Let us know how it went, and be sure to recommend us some other easy Halloween or convention costumes in the comments below!

Published Oct. 25th 2016

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