Master of Orion is Making a Comeback

Check out the hardwork that wen into recreated the legendary Master of Orion

Master of Orion is back with a new game inspired by the original game series, called Master of Orion: Conquer the Stars. This game still has its 4X gameplay of Explore, Expand, Exploit and Exterminate. New and old players alike will need to balance brute force, diplomacy, resource denomination, and so much more.

This new Master of Orion installment has new gameplay, but still possesses its unique traits.


Kelsey Howard and Chris Keeling had the pleasure of being heads of creating this game. Howard and Keeling both agree that modern sci-fi has a huge influence in how Master of Orion is developed.

Keeling and his team didn’t receive too much support in making this game. Many people thought they would botch it. However, Wargaming has been making strategy games for 15 years, and are confident they could handle the Master of Orion production. The original creators were brought on and asked what they personally would do different if they had the technology we do now. Keeling was surprised to hear the similarities between his team and the original creators. 

While referring to the original content he wanted to use and what he wanted to change, Keeling said:

We knew we were going to be facing pitchforks and torches because there would be certain things that gamers would love.”

Graphical Upgrades

The graphics in this new Master of Orion game are a super upgrade from the old version. Check out the major differences:

GNN Anchor is voiced by Dwight Schultz

Psilon is voiced by Alan Tudyk

Sakkra is voiced by Nolan North

Meeting the Voices

After piecing the game together, they knew they had to find just the right voice. They had a concept and a description of the characters, but they weren’t sure who to use to bring them to life. Keeling expressed that it was going to be difficult to live up to the reputation of this legendary game. But eventually the team found the right people -- including names like Nolan North, Dwight Schultz, and Alan Tudyk.

Before being cast as GNN Announcer in Master of Orion, Schultz was featured as Mung Daal in Chowder, additional voices Final Fantasy XIII -2 and Knight Captain Cade in Fallout 4. When asked why he wanted to be on board with this game Shultz said:

“I’m old and I’ve played it in 1996 … This is the first game that took my mind away from Chess … This I could play by myself. You could be master of the universe, here it is! [And] You actually get to do it.”

Tudyk is known for roles such as Jeff from Rick and Morty, extra voices in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, and now in Master of Orion the Psilon Advisor. He's also worked on beloved sci-fi series such as Firefly. He says he really enjoys this role:

I like to be fun and use sounds. The noises -- I really appreciate the noises in between lines."

Well-known voice actor Nolan North, who is also the voice of Nathan Drake from the Uncharted series and many other game characters, expressed his feelings for his role in Master of Orion as Darlok Emperor and Sakk Emperor:

“Playing a bad guy is more enticing to me.”

When North was asked why he choose to be on this game he said:

“I know this history was so rich and deep and the fanbase is so strong it was a no brainer.

Wargaming is proud to announce that Master of Orion is straight old-school gaming, no pay to play. Keeling mentioned if this was the old days, this game with it’s new graphics, added races and gameplay would equate at least 8,000 floppy disks. Master of Orion: Conquer the Stars released February 26, 2016 on Steam.

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Published Apr. 27th 2016

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