Build a Fire Emblem Fates Avatar!

This fan-made avatar customizer will help prep you for Fire Emblem Fates' eventual release.

We over here in the West have to wait an eternity for Fire Emblem Fates to be released. Luckily, LuminescentBlade got her hands on the assets and threw together a web-based Kamui Customizer!

If you're anything like me, you spend more time on the character creation screen than you do on the final battle. I don't care how excited I am to play a game; I refuse to be stuck living vicariously through a shoddy product of impatience. Now I can get the countless hours of dress-up out of the way, long before I ever own the game.

The customization options have differed quite a bit since Fire Emblem Awakening, with only two builds being present for each gender. There are more options for faces, hairstyles, and haircolors, as well as extra features such as beauty marks and scars. Lady avatars also have the option of adding a hairclip.

If you're using Firefox or Chrome, you can right click as usual and save your creations until Fire Emblem Fates makes it overseas in 2016. I can't promise that this app won't make you even more impatient for the game, but at least it'll help you cut to the chase on release day!

Thanks again, LuminescentBlade!


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Published Jul. 1st 2015

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