Ubisoft is Closing Casablanca Studios

Ubisoft is shutting down Casablanca Studios

Ubisoft’s Casablanca location in Morocco is closing after providing 18 years of portable game development.

Ubisoft mentioned in a statement that the employees were informed about the shutdown about a week ago. The employees will be losing their jobs, but are going to be provided with good transfer options -- such as going to another studio -- or receive assistance for staff that is being let go. It's currently unclear just how many employees are being let go. Below is company photo with over two dozen employees on the still functional Casablanca website

The reason for the shut down is that Ubisoft can’t find a space for Casablanca in its current business plan. In an official statement, Ubisoft's Mobile Executive Jean-Michel Detoc said:

“Unfortunately, as the video game market evolved in the past few years, we didn’t find a sustainable formula for the studio within our broader network. We thank the Casablanca team for their hard work throughout the years."

Casablanca opened in 1998 and contributed to over 26 video games both portable and mobile. A few examples are, Child of Light, Rayman and Valiant Hearts.

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Published Jun. 9th 2016
  • Pierre Fouquet
    Featured Correspondent
    So this is the team which did a lot of the 'Ubi Art'... Well that sucks!

    Hope the Ubi art stuff doesn't stop, because they are the best games Ubisoft have made for a long time.

    Sad for all the jobs lost, and hope they land on their feet!

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