The Worst Ports of Call of Duty Out There

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Call of Duty Black Ops: Declassified


Let's face it, you knew this game was going to be on here. Sony built up Call of Duty Black Ops: Declassified extensively during its E3 conferences, expecting it to be a system seller for their new PS Vita handheld. Instead, users were met with a graphical and technical mess that ended up being an embarrassing low point, and doing nothing to prevent the PS Vita's eventual downfall. It remains the most critically panned entry in the entire Call of Duty franchise to date, averaging an abysmal 33 on Metacritic. 

Regardless of your current thoughts on Infinite Warfare, it shouldn't be far fetched for all of us to agree it won't be as bad as any of these titles in the franchise. Maybe you despise Ghosts with a passion, or perhaps Advanced Warfare bored you to tears, but as long as we don't get another Black Ops Declassified or Roads to Victory out of Infinite Warfare, I think the world will keep on turning just fine.

Published May. 21st 2016

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