Rumor - ArcheAge Developer Restructuring After Poor Korean Reception?

ArcheAge may not be doing so hot in Korea, if these rumors are to be believed.

While we may be excited to see ArcheAge here in the west, the game may not be doing so great in its native South Korea. According to one rumor from industry insiders in Korea, developer XL GAMES may be preparing for a company restructure after the game has failed to meet expectations.

ArcheAge enjoyed a brief subscription-only period early in its release but saw a switch to the free to play model just a couple of months ago in order to pull in more players. Several of the game's features and updates just don't sit well with the Korean market, with many players thinking the game was developed in the west upon release.

Do keep in mind this is only a rumor and it does not reflect on how well the game will do in North America, Europe, and Australia once it is localized and published by Trion Worlds. If this rumor does turn out to be true, we will still be getting the game sometime in 2014.

XL GAMES may not be having the greatest luck with ArcheAge in Korea, but its recent Japanese release is rumored to be a success and the developer is working on Civilization Online, which is receiving massive hype in nearly every regional market.

(Via MMO Culture)

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Published Sep. 3rd 2013
  • Chujec
    this game is already FAILURE. ppl r just leaving. game is boring and ugly. there is no sandbox but plain stupid themepark. if u dont belive just make some acount on russian or korean server for tests. u will find in google how to do it. but be carefull. game is really CRAP.
  • GirlGoneGaming
    man I got scared for a minute there! Arche Age has been on my watch list along with Black Desert since I first read up on them. Glad to know we're still going to get our hands on it regardless!

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