Bioshock: Infinite

Bioshock Infinite, a game where stealth is gone, and the sky... is the limit.

Bioshock Infinite starts in the highlights of Columbia. A floating sky city of so much rich, beauty, and wonder. On the other side of things it is also a very dark, corrupt city of the sky.

It might not be fair but, Bioshock Infinite is being looked to as the savior for an amazing franchise. Many people I have looked to have seen it this way and it looks that way from the outside as well. It is the savior of a first-person shooter franchise that has gone stale and boring.

That is what the first Bioshock accomplished back in 2007 with the original consoles generation. Just like the original underwater world of Bioshock, Bioshock Infinite's sky city Columbia is a very dark, odd, and strange dystopia. 

It is very fitting that Bioshock Infinite's star city is the sky city of Columbia because that is exactly where the ambitions lie. The sky is the limit right? It will make you giddy to see just how high its successes will take you. Unlike Rapture, Columbia has such a vibrant color palette and has many welcome architectures and gorgeous vistas. 

Columbia has a very rich and well-developed setting. More so than almost any other game I can think of and even better when played on the PC. It is a little extra ambitious and a little too ambitious for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

Bioshock Infinite's graphics prove a little challenging for the consoles to keep up with. Both versions have the same vast, open levels but on the consoles has a slightly muddier appearance compared to the PC version of the game. Dependent on your gaming rig, Columbia is best traversed with a computer, mouse, and keyboard. 

The story, as usual brings a lot of attention to this Bioshock, and Bioshock Infinite will not disappoint you. You are Booker Dewitt, a man who is sent to Columbia to find a girl named Elizabeth, and bring back to New York to pay off a debt. As in all the games, things slowly get weirder from this point, without ever making you question why it was put into the game. The big twist in the Bioshock games? Do not expect it to come as early as you'd hope--it is put in later in the game because, unlike the first Bioshock, Bioshock Infinite has a lower advantage in the placement due to the first few games.

Here is a quick glimpse into what you an expect... from Bioshock Infinite on the Xbox 360.


  • Graphics - While the graphics for the series are widely known as being the lower-grade graphics to make the game more of a comic book, the graphics need a major update. I give them a six out of ten.
  • Sound - The game is well renowned for the terrific audio and this is no exception. Ten out of ten!
  • Gameplay - We expected a story and got the most out of it that we possibly could. Irrational Games made a story just right for the players of the other Bioshocks in the series. Ten out of ten.
  • Overall - I give the game an overall score of eight out of ten as the graphics are starting to get old but the sound and the amazing gameplay just bring the score close to amazing.

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Our Rating
Bioshock Infinite, a game where stealth is gone, and the sky... is the limit.


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Published Jun. 26th 2013
  • Kevin_2506
    This game was stale and boring compared to the other games. Crappy graphics, boring story, too many game features taken away from previous games. When you make a sequel you would expect them to take what made the game successful and improve on it, not take away from it.
    Gameplay was also painfully boring. Weapons were and powers were not very good. The story was uninspiring.
    I loved the previous Bioshock games and played through them multiple times but this one had me falling asleep halfway through. I give it a 6 at best.

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