Top 5 Best ADCs to Carry Your Way Through Season 5 Solo Queue!

You can carry your team through Solo Queue with these five characters.

Hey guys! I bet you all want to know who are the best carrys for League of Legends now. As of season 5, there have been so many changes not only in the jungle, but also the incredible amount of control Bot lane has over Dragon and its many perks. 

This is why who your ADC is matters.

Let's start with number 5.

5. Graves

Graves is coming in hot at number 5 for two reasons. His W skill: Smokescreen enables him to escape safely and reduce the vision of the enemy carry or team. His Passive: True Grit is great for all the fighting that is involved during laning phase and outside of lane phase because he gains not only armor, but also magic resistance every second he remains in combat which can stack up to 10 times.

4. Corki

Corki is a strong pick this season. Not only can he safely farm with his ultimate Missile Barrage, but his passive allows him to do true damage as well. Not to mention he has Valkyrie, a great escape that allows him to fly into or out of combat. Think of it as a 26 second Flash summoner spell. 

3. Lucian

Lucian has always been a great pick ever since his release. And even though he has been nerfed to God knows where, this avenger is still staying strong. Lucian and his passive Lightslinger allows Lucian to shoot twice within 3 seconds. Another reason he has always been a strong and safe choice is because he has an escape in the form of Relentless Pursuit, which allows him to dash away safely.

2. Vayne

Vayne is a tricky one, but if you master her, you can carry any game whether if it is a 4v5 or you are down by a Baron kill and two dragons and several kills behind. This chick is one heck of a character. She was born to carry. Of course, she is not the easiest to play or to use because her skillset is all about mechanics. But a good Vayne will carry hard.

1. Caitlyn

 Caitlyn is standing strong at number 1 for various reasons but here are three reasons why:

  1. She has the longest starting range. This allows her to not only poke and trade safely, but she can also farm safely as well.
  2. She is a great Mid game carry because she can also be great in team fights and her traps are just too delicious to resist.
  3. She has an escape. She can just net herself to safety while attacking you.

Overall, the reason these ADC's are often picked or banned is because they are all great laners and can carry to mid-game (with the exception of Vayne, she is all end-game). It's all about winning lane and getting good mid game team fights and, importantly, they all have escape abilities that are needed in the meta right now. 

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Published Jan. 30th 2015
  • All Lane Main
    Dude, Sivir is one of the strongest ADCs. Where the heck is she at? I also don't believe caitlyn should be on this list. Personally, I believe she's weak.
  • Agree with previous comment
    I'd say Sivir features in there somewhere, and I agree Graves should be top.
  • GabrielKross
    Featured Columnist
    Your list isn't very accurate.. Caitlyn has the one of the weakest mid game of any ADC, unless she is fed and skips the midgame stagnation she is out-performed by graves and corki. Vayne and Lucian have absolutely terrible early game, but have relatively strong late games. Corki and Graves are arguably the best ADCs right now with decent burst early, Graves get's extra defense from his passive and Coki gets extra damage from his Once you have Phage and Sheen on Corki he is an absolute power house, though he does start to fall off in the late game. For an ADC main climbing from bronze to the top the order should look more like the following:

    5 Vayne hard to play plus weak early game but late game goes highly in her favor,
    4 Lucian due to all his nerfs he's nowhere near the lane bully he used to be. He still has a relatively high presence in the mid to late game though.
    3 Caitlyn A lane bully when ahead, but she's also the safe pick of the list with her range. She is a force to be reckoned with in the late game but lacks that mid game presence that you want to snowball a game hard.
    2 Corki Another lane bully, but one with a presence in the mid game. Corki's big power spike comes earlier than many ADCs, but he also falls off some in the late game.
    1 Graves All around the strongest ADC right now. Due to his passive if he takes as many auto-attacks as he gives out he will win the trade when all else is equal. His smoke bomb makes up for his lack of range, graves can drop a smoke bomb on you and gap-close in to get an AA speed buff and get free autos while you're still in the smoke.

    If this were designed for those who don't actually play ADC it would look more like:

    The biggest problem with your list is that your argument is that dragon control is important. Two of your top 3 choices don't really have an early game presence, those being Vayne and Lucian. Caitlyn is decent at Dragon control, but that's only if you're constantly pushing the enemy to their tower. Graves and Corki can just drop their burst down and have the enemy at half health or lower to either force them back to base or make them a non-factor in contesting Dragon.

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