The Repopulation is going to be POPULAR

Mark Taylor chats it up with Lead Repopulation Developer, Josh Halls to learn about the new Sci Fi based sandbox MMO.

I am glad to say that I had a fun chat with Josh Halls, the Lead Developer of the upcoming sci-fi based sandbox oriented MMO, The Repopulation.  Josh and many of his fellow developers are long time IT professionals, using their skills and research of the MMO space to bring a rare sandbox MMO.  The sandbox MMO has long time been a minority in a space dominated by "theme park" MMO's, such as WoW, Rift, and SWTOR.  The reason for this focus, clearly desire; however, it is also the simple economics.  It is simply cheaper to develop a sandbox as much less pre-canned content can be delivered with quality.  It is this content that many "so-called"  AAA MMO's spend millions on as well as years - only to be burned up in five-days or so by the leveling elite.

Kickstarter has been one of the methods to fund this game since about 2012.  At face value that may not sound impressive, but with a team of 34 people just look at the level of maturity this game exhibits given a 2 year development cycle thus far:

This is just the tip of the iceberg; thus, this post is intended to let you know who is bringing the Repopulation to sandbox MMO starved fans.  I will be following up with further and more detailed interviews with Josh and team as the game progresses and gets closer to launch.  Additionally, I hope to continue to work with GAMESKINNY to get some beta keys handed out to the loyal readers.

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Published Jan. 15th 2014
  • Elloawendy
    I lost my MMO virginity with Anarchy Online...and you know, you never forget the first time, right? This game really remind me of my first impression of Anarchy Online. This feeling of freedom, of immense and desolated space, of exploration and adventures that I never find in any other game.
    Seems that The Repopulation is going to bring that feeling back. You got me interested.
    Nice interview..This is the right way to get future (?) players' attention!
  • welostr2
    Nice job Mark. I had heard a little bit about The Repopulation, But this was my first close look at the game. I must say it is looking really good so far. In fact I am going to fund it on kickstarter right now.
  • Work Horse
    Looking forward to this. Sandbox, MMO, Indie, and Sci-Fi. If these guys are able to add quality and fun to that list, it has great potential.

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