Luck O' The Irish Coming to iPhone, iPod and iPad

Luck O' The Irish is coming to the iPod, iPhone and iPad this week. Gamers can download the game for free.

In recent news, iDor Interactive’s realistic arcade game Luck O’ The Irish is coming to the Apple iPhone, iPad and ipod Touch this week. Gamers can download the game for free here, though an internet connection is required to play this game.

This video game comes with unique titles like Pathway Picks, Super Streaks and Rainbow Strikes. Gamers use features like Lotta Luck, On the Fiddle and Clover Cash, and other options to make virtual money. You need to find bonus and mystery squares and make feature shots to succeed.

Playing Luck O’ The Irish takes patience, skill and luck. Being an avid poker player, I was able to have fun and make virtual money playing this game. After several hours of play, I was able to get a 96 percent return.

The key is to use free spins to find the Mystery Gold Coin, which increases the chances to win and prizes. During every spin of Free Spins, if any gold coins are visible, a random symbol will appear, which gives players a chance for big multiple wins. This is the best way to win.

Gamers need to match 3, 4, or 5 symbols to win. Just click the amount you want to bet and click ‘spin’ to start the game. Look for three bonus symbols for a free spin and a scatter symbol, which gives the Free Spins Bonus game. Use free spins to make extra cash and earn more free spins. You can learn all the rules of Luck O’ The Irish and how to play the game here.


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Platforms iOS
Published Feb. 4th 2014

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