Sword Art Online: Hollow Realization Receives More Features

Bandai Namco Entertainment Europe unveiled new information in The Encounter trailer for Sword Art Online: Hollow Realization.

Bandai Namco Europe has revealed more information on the features available in Sword Art Online: Hollow Realization -- available November 8th for  Europe, the Middle-East, Africa and Australasia. Releasing a trailer entitled "The Encounter", more about Premiere and her role in the game are made known. New locations and new information about the weapon upgrade system were also announced.

The weapon upgrade system employs the use of blacksmiths spread throughout Ainground. Each blacksmith will have different skills allowing them to upgrade different items. All blacksmiths, however, will need materials and require a fee. As the weapon level gets higher, so do the materials necessary for the upgrade, providing a scaling level of difficulty. 

The new locations from Town of the Beginning include various shops, Room of Kirito; where you can customize your avatar and converse with your group, and Transition Gate Square where all adventures begin. The season pass was also unveiled -- it comes with 3 DLCs, each with their own bonus outfits.

Sword Art Online: Hollow Realization is already packed with things to do and places to go. Will you be getting the game when it releases? 

Published Sep. 23rd 2016

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