Destiny's Nightfall falls short on decent rewards

Destiny Nightfall rewards are underwhelming

Luke Smith, Creative Director at Bungie, recently stated that the rewards for completing the challenges of the Nightfall Strikes fall short of being satisfactory. That's why Bungie will be revisiting this part of the game to give it better rewards that are more suited to the players' efforts in such difficult missions. These new rewards will be applied in a future update. 

Smith mentioned on Twitter that:

"Nightfall Rewards can be underwhelming. Runes/low # of coins/no reputation burst/weak legendaries all feel like losing. We're gonna fix it."

The new changes to the Nightfall Strikes were not as well-received as the addition of Taken King. The rewards previously consisted of a bunch of random drops. However, what made the Nightfall Strikes truly worth your time was the reputation buff. The removal of this reward is one of the biggest reasons the rewards have become so, in Smith's words, underwhelming. 

Now all you get for your efforts is a few coins and a pat on the back (if you decide to pat your own back, that is).

Luckily, the Nightfall Strikes won't be a big waste of time forever.  Smith hasn't provided any information on how Bungie will update Nightfall, but fear not Destiny fans, for a fix is in your future. 


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Published Oct. 15th 2015

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