A Fan of Animal Crossing: New Leaf

A quick interview with my best friend and long-time Animal Crossing fan!

One day I decided to interview a great friend of mine about her favorite game series, Animal Crossing. A long-time fan of the game has given her some opinions and tips that she would love to share with you.

I asked her a few questions that pertained to the game, and her views. Enjoy!

What is your favorite video game?

"Animal Crossing: New Leaf."

What is your opinion about the older games within the Animal Crossing franchise?

"I haven't played the GameCube one, but I have played the DS and Wii ones. Comparing them to the new one, there isn't as much to do and they wouldn't keep you entertained as long. In the new one, you can change more clothing instead of just the shirt, you can change the pants, shoes and socks."

What do you like and dislike about Animal Crossing: New Leaf?

"I like that you can go to the island and dive in the water with your wetsuit, and catch creatures that live under the water, and not just fish. You can also decorate and build the town the way you want since you’re the mayor. Being the mayor is very nice.

I dislike that time continues even though you’re not playing, and when you come back there are weeds around town and people move away."

Do you believe that Animal Crossing: New Leaf fits its current console on the Nintendo 3DS or would it be more fitting or convenient on another?

"It is fitting because having to constantly turn on the Wii and making sure the nunchuk and wii-mote are synced for game-play was very annoying. Just being able to pick up and turn on the DS is just a lot easier, though the 3D function is not necessary."

How is the functionality and gameplay? Are the controls acceptable and easy to maneuver?

"I think it’s better to have the map and pockets on the bottom screen instead of using it to run around. Also, having the arrows being used to take out the tools is much easier than having to click into your pockets and drag them to your person to take out."

What would you change in this game to make it more enjoyable?

"Being able to use more than one ordinance at once because, having to pay twenty-thousand bells and saving up another twenty-thousand bells to only have it replace the last one. If I have my town as a wealthy town, but I want to make it beautiful I have to delete the wealth to make it beautiful. It’s annoying and aggravating."

I hope you enjoyed the interview, tell me your opinion below!

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Published Jul. 13th 2013

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