Open beta for Infestation World is starting; World Championship coming in October

Open Beta for the new competitive zombie sandbox Infestation World starts now! Get the skinny on Infestation World Championship in Thailand Fall 2016!

Get ready for a whole new way to experience an open-world zombie-filled sandbox that emphasizes competitive multiplayer modes. Infestation World is hosting an open beta for PC users from Monday, March 28 till Thursday, March 31, 2016

Any gear players earn from Infestation World's traditional open-world component can be brought into the all-new competitive Battle Modes. Survivors face off in teams during Battle Mode's Time Attack, a frantic shootout where survivors are tested to prove who's the most lethal. Or they can battle it out in classic Team Deathmatch, a tense game mode that rewards victory to the last team standing. Winning matches will net players in-game prizes -- and of course, bragging rights.

In War System, clans will have to deploy coordinated strategies across their entire team while fighting to dominate a central control point. War System's new massive competitive multiplayer mode will debut later this year.

With any competitive video game, there is bound to be some scent of eSport, yeah?  It's no different for Infestation World. Battle Mode's most vicious players will compete in the regionals, leading to the Infestation World Championships hosted in Thailand in Q3 2016! The tournament's prize pool will be funded through optional purchases made by players through Infestation World's in-game store.


  • Open beta begins on March 28
  • Game launches in April
  • Refined open-world survival experience with crafting
  • New competitive aspect via Battle Mode, Time Attack, and Team Deathmatch
  • World Championship hosted in October 2016 Thailand
  • Large-scale, clan-based multiplayer mode War

Players who want to register for a chance to join the open beta can do so here.

Progress earned in the open beta will also carry into Infestation World's global launch, coming in April!


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Published Mar. 28th 2016

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