Best Detective RPGs You've Never Heard of

4. Hillfolk

While is not typically a noir-based RPG, in the conventional sense, Hillfolk is, compared to the others, fairly unique. Here the scenario is one of low-tech, simplistic equipment. The world is straightforward and industrial techniques are basic. Players control various characters who use spears and similar equipment for conflict. They plant crops and use simple agricultural techniques to build their village's supplies. Players can increase their village's size and even improve productivity.

It's possible to take the characters in the game and venture into other territories to battle for control of other territories, or venture elsewhere and form friendships with others. The particularly interesting aspect of this game, however, is an interpersonal one, which allows players to question each-other's motives, introducing that almost paranoid, detective-like angle. Players can actually choose to ally with each-other, or attempt to be more competitive and claim as much territory and resources as they desire. This uses the drama system rules to create the aforementioned affect.

Published Jul. 1st 2016

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