Take-Two: GTAV Will Go "Where the Consumers Are"

Everyone's wondering if Grand Theft Auto V will hit PC and next-gen systems. The answer is, "possibly."

For months, we've heard rumors that Grand Theft Auto V will eventually hit the PC and next-gen consoles (PlayStation 4 and Xbox One).

While publisher Take-Two Interactive won't confirm or deny, CEO Strauss Zelnick has made it plain that it's a possibility. According to MCV, Zelnick says that the game will go where the fans are.

Essentially, he's saying that the company is in the business of catering to its followers, and if those followers have the PS4, Xbox One, PC or even tablets, then it's feasible that Take-Two products will head to those platforms.

"If that is where consumers are, absolutely [we'll release our game on that]."

Zelnick added that Take-Two doesn't intend to drive certain platforms; they'll just react if the fans go in that direction. He reminded us that his company isn't in the hardware business, and they really just want to cater to the interested consumer. For the time being, GTAV remains unannounced for any new platforms, but it probably won't remain that way forever.

Just need the userbase, that's all

What Zelnick is saying is obvious: If there are enough fans who own a certain platform and express an interest in owning GTAV on that platform, Take-Two will meet that demand. There's not much reason to put the game on a platform that's just starting out and has a relatively low userbase. It's just business, you know?

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Published Feb. 6th 2014
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  • DreNav
    Maybe they can wait until they release DLC and then release an ultimate edition for next-gen later on? Maybe they could pull a Tomb Raider. I 100% completed GTA V on my 360 and I will GLADLY pay another $60 if it means I can do it all over again on my Xbox One. Great game. Definitely didn't disappoint me in any way.
  • Brandon Morgan
    Featured Contributor
    It really needs to come to PS4 so I can buy it again. I will throw my money at Rockstar for a next-gen version.

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