The 6 Craziest Modes of Transport in Games

Transportation: Rallycross (RX) Supercar

Game: Dirt Rally

The least crazy mode of transportation is any of the Rallycross Supercars. These monsters of any surface are not ordinary cars, they are 600bhp rockets with 900Nm of torque. This is enough pulling power to drag a Boeing 747 around.

The 600bhp, combined with AWD, allows an RX Supercar to shoot off the line faster than any F1 car -- in fact faster than almost every single car on the planet. The 0-60 MPH is around 1.9 seconds, depending on the car setup, and driver.

When you take into account that there are no electronic assists for the driver to fall back on, an RX Supercar definitely wants to rip your head off.

And next on the list, a much slower, but crazier mode of transport.

Published Jun. 3rd 2016

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