Let’s take a look at Bar Harbor - Far Harbor’s location inspiration for Fallout 4’s newest DLC

Can't wait for Far Harbor? Here's a quick history lesson on the town the upcoming DLC is based on.

It's not new that Bethesda incorporates actual locations into their Fallout series. With Fallout 3 set in Washington, D.C., and Fallout 4 in Boston, fans of the series have come to expect real-life settings and speculate where the studio will take gamers next. With the biggest DLC soon to hit the shelves, let's take a look at where Far Harbor actually is.

It's no secret that Far Harbor is located in Maine, but the real name of the tourist town is Bar Harbor, located on Mount Desert Island in --wait for it--Hancock County. What are the chances?

Interestingly, there's history on Bar Harbor connected to World War II that Bethesda may incorporate into the upcoming expansion. An island off Bar Harbor, Bald Porcupine Island, was used to practice firing torpedoes and as a gunnery range. On October 10th, 1944, USS Piper fired 12 live torpedoes and 11 were said to detonate, while one false torpedo exploded upon impact. While there are no active torpedoes, remnants of the past are still apparent today. Whether players will find decades old torpedoes in the waters of Maine, or rad-whales, is in no way official, but it would be in all ways awesome.

During their ventures in Far Harbor, Wastelanders may find The Jackson Laboratory -- today's largest genetic research facility. The biomedical research plant that was founded in 1929, and is home to over "7,000 strains of genetically defined mice.” Perhaps this will be an ideal location for a synth battleground, don’t you think?

One of the most defining features of Bar Harbor is the enormous Acadia National Park, which spans over 47,000 acres. Acadia National Park is comprised of mountains, the shoreline, and lakes, and is home to over 40 species of land animals. With Bethesda saying the expansion features new creatures, the park is surely the place to find some of rad-infected mammals, one would assume.

In 1947, the national park and affluent homeowners suffered from major wildfires that destroyed the acres of park and estates alike, with evidence of those fires still in existence today. However, fires from over 300 years ago and an atomic bomb later, will probably make it difficult to differentiate the scarred lands from one disaster to another in Far Harbor, but one can hope Bethesda incorporates these real-life disasters into the DLC.

 Far Harbor is set to release on May 19th on all consoles. If you haven’t seen it yet, check out the trailer above.


Published May. 5th 2016

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