Toshiba Announces On-Demand PC Cloud Gaming

Toshiba will offer GameNow service with new line of Smart TVs in the near future.

It seems like every company is trying to go for an all-in-one approach to entertainment these days. With Xbox One deciding to expand their focus to other aspects along with gaming and PS4 joining up with Twitch and Ustream to have more community involvement, now Toshiba wants to make their presence known. 

Toshiba will be bringing cloud-based game streaming to your living room TVs later this year. 

The announcement came at CES 2014 from Taiwan-based company Ubitus. The GameNow service would be available on three models of smart TVs Toshiba plans to bring over to North America by the end of 2014's first quarter. 

Ubitus has partnerships with Sega, Konami and Square Enix to get some of their games to the service. GameNow will be supported on three models -L3400U, L5400U, L7400U- of Toshiba's new line of smart TVs and players will be also be able to play a variety of Capcom PC games. 

All of the new products coming out that support the cloud and offer streaming services seem to be saturating the market as of late. Do you think that you would be willing to give this service a try? 

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Published Jan. 10th 2014

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