GTA V re imagined as a post-apocalyptic world?

GTA V meets The Last of Us... Zombies not included

Ever wondered what it would feel like to stroll around a dead Los Santos? Or... at least a Los Santos that's a lot less lively than what you're used to?

If so, check out this brief video showcasing the mods that let you transform GTA V into something more akin to the Last of Us. 

Video courtesy of YouTube user taltigolt

What you see is a combination of two mods: After Us: Rodeo -- a mod made by Rapidiment which transforms Los Santos into a post-apocalyptic world along the lines of The Last of Us, and Joel -- a character skin mod made by GTAFREAk67S that transforms the player character into one of the main protagonists of the popular post-apocalyptic game

It's rather nice to walk around and take in the scenery. In fact, there's something oddly satisfying about watching the traffic lights still functioning while everything else just seems dead. 

If you are looking to get this mod, the recommended RAM is 8GB if you want to have it at a playable state. The modder also recommends using blackout mode and/or using the mod during the sunny/night times for the best results.

Oh, and look for the secret safe house!

Published Feb. 7th 2016

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