New Professor Layton Game Announced

Level-5 has confirmed the development of a new Professor Layton title, featuring a brand-new main protagonist.

Level-5 confirmed during a stream on Friday that it is working on a new Professor Layton game.

The new game -- the first mainline Professor Layton title to be released since Professor Layton & the Azran Legacy in 2013 -- will feature a new main character instead of the eponymous professor. Level-5 CEO Akihirio Hino confirmed that the new protagonist will not be the Professor's son Alfendi, but no further details have been revealed at this time. 

The stream also previewed several new character designs, as well as background art. It was also confirmed that the game will feature a "movie-level" voice cast. 

A new character... perhaps the Professor's replacement or a new sidekick?

Another interesting addition to the cast

A detective, mayhaps?

Beautiful London scenery

The new Professor Layton will be the seventh mainline entry in the highly-successful series, which has sold more than 15 million units worldwide and become Level-5's most popular franchise. More information on the new game will be revealed during the "Level-5 Vision 2016 -New Heroes-" presentation on July 27. 


Published Jun. 25th 2016

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