2017's Best Sandbox Games So Far

Slime Rancher


Slime Rancher combines a variety of different genres into one unique package. Playing as Beatrix LeBeau, you arrive at an abandoned ranch a thousand light years away from your home planet and must work to restore it to glory -- much like the setup in earlier Harvest Moon games (well, minus the space travel).

However, you won't be taking care of your usual animals here. As the name suggests, this game is all about finding, taming, battling, and raising slimes. Slimes come in a huge variety of forms and colors, all with their own characteristics that require specific methods of care to thrive. Of course, that means scouring the world to find what you need for your ranch and slimes to grow and prosper, and Slime Rancher offers a wide, quite attractive world to explore using your handy vacpack -- a vacuum that also happens to be your backpack and can act a lot like Samus Aran's arm cannon too.

There's not much story to be found here, which leaves you free to focus on making your ranch the best it can be using whatever methods work. (And with the help of our Slime Rancher guides, you're sure to get started on the right foot.)

Published Aug. 24th 2017

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