2017's Best Sandbox Games So Far

Lego Worlds

PS4, Xbox One, Steam

Minecraft might be the most well-known sandbox video game, but Lego has definitely been letting people build their imaginations for a lot longer. And that's exactly what you do in Lego Worlds -- build anything you can imagine.

In a combination of Minecraft and Scribblenauts, Lego Worlds unleashes you into a series of creative and bizarre worlds, all connected to each other somehow. You might start in a modern city setting, then end up in a haunted forest, only to leave the forest and head into an arid desert.

Like Minecraft, you are free -- freer than any previous Lego game -- to create anything and everything you want. There's a tutorial mode to help get you started, or you can bypass this completely and play in sandbox mode. Like Scribblenauts, there is a story to be found in all of this -- but it's not anything too in-depth, and there are plenty of side missions to complete as well. As with any good sandbox game, it's up to you how to handle them.  You can work within the lines, or you can completely break the game with some creative creations and work your way around the lines.

Published Aug. 24th 2017

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