Overwatch Guide: McCree Info and Tips

Master the revolver-wielding McCree in Overwatch with this guide!

McCree is a revolver-wielding BAMF in Overwatch. His precision shots and quick draw skills will make any fan of westerns and cowboys delighted. His play style revolves (heh) around using his skills and attacks together.

If you like pistols, westerns, or want somebody with great skill and weapon synergy, McCree is the guy for you. I'll go over what you need to know to become great gunslinger.

This guide will cover everything about the hero McCree in Overwatch including:

  • McCree Basic Info - A little of McCree's background and descriptions of his abilities.
  • McCree Combat Tips - Tips for using McCree effectively. 

McCree Basic Info

Jesse McCree started as an outlaw in the Deadlock Gang, which did illegal activities in the American southwest. After he was busted one day by Overwatch, he was given a choice -- to go to jail or use his expert skills in Blackwatch, Overwatch's covert ops division.

He eventually came to enjoy his new job and thought he could make up for his past crimes, until Overwatch began to lose influence. Some of Blackwatch began to try to take down Overwatch, and McCree wanted no part in the upcoming battle.

After he left, he became a mercenary years later and only took jobs he believes are justified.

Overwatch McCree abilities

  • Peacekeeper - His main weapon is a revolver that shoots single, powerful, and accurate shots with the primary fire button.
    • His alternate wildly shoots all bullets in quick succession. 
  • Flashbang - Throws a grenade a short distance in front of him that briefly stuns all enemies.
  • Combat Roll - Rolls in the direction you are moving and instantly reloads your gun.
  • (Ultimate Ability) Deadeye - Press the button, then target enemies for a short time. Afterwards, press the ultimate button or primary fire button to shoot all enemies you targeted in that time.

McCree Combat Tips

McCree is an offense character and only job is to attack and defeat enemies. You can just shoot and use his alt. fire, Fan the Hammer, but using his skills correctly makes him much more effective.

  • Learn how his abilities work
    • Flashbang, Combat Roll, and Fan the Hammer all work well if done correctly and in the right order.
    • An example is to start with Flashbang so they can't move, then use Fan the Hammer since you can easily hit with all 6 shots now.
    • After that, Combat Roll because it instantly reloads the gun, then you can use another Fan the Hammer.
    • This lets McCree do a lot of damage in a short amount of time.
  • Fan the Hammer is used for close quarters combat
    • Unloading all your shots quickly does a great deal of damage, but it is not accurate and not ideal for long-range.
    • If you aren't close to the enemy, use the normal shots.

Overwatch McCree info

  • Deadeye does more damage based on how long you target the enemy
    • While you target someone in Deadeye, stay on them until you see a skull icon. This means that when you fire, you will kill them.
    • Do this for as many people as you can so you can take them all out instead of just dealing damage to them.
  • Position yourself correctly for Deadeye 
    • You never want to use Deadeye in the middle of a battlefield or in easy view of your enemy since you are an easy target while doing it.
    • Get a good angle for you to safely target people and never use it where and enemy can easily get behind cover.
  • Don't hesitate to use Combat Roll
    • Even though it is good for reloading, Combat Roll is amazing for escaping danger and making yourself hard to hit.

That's all for my tips on using McCree in Overwatch. Let me know if you have any questions!

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Published May. 24th 2016

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