Overwatch Release: A pick me up from Hodors door

A quick over view on the success of Overwatch's release.

When a newly anticipated game is about to release, especially from Blizzard, the crowd starts to get antsy and wild, along with their stock holders. Blogs and tweets are sent out to the masses and armies of fans await at the server doors. Unlike Hodor’s door, server doors are actually fragile and may have a larger army behind them, but will probably create the same amount of anger and sadness. In most cases instead of just doors opening and releasing players onto the stable servers, we are usually plagued with random disconnects, inability to even connect, and if you are lucky to connect and get in, the server lag from poor planning and underestimating may ruin your experience all together (Final Fantasy 14: A Realm Reborn and well most expansion releases for any MMO, also any new Call of Duty or Battlefield release).

But now, the day has come where fans aren’t completely pissed and asking for refunds and hoping the devs burn in hell next to Ramsay Bolton; Overwatch from Blizzard has done it. They have opened the gates, and armies of the willing are heading to fight each other in gorgeously rendered arenas, great characters, with an amazing story to fuel them--something Blizzard does well. I have experienced zero issues so far, and I plan to keep playing well into the night.

The launch for Overwatch has been smooth so far. So smooth in fact, the only hiccup we’ve seen so far is the wait to actually buy the game digitally.  Which is a good thing! Blizzard may be lacking in their World of Warcraft content until August, but they have surely made it up to their fans with Overwatch, Heroes of the Storm, and Hearthstone. 

Blizzard I give you a 10/10 on your Overwatch release, take note and do well in August and hopefully you’ll regain those lost subscription numbers.

Published May. 26th 2016

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