Dead by Daylight is actually alive, well, and profitable!

Dead by Daylight has earned enough through one week to cover development costs and more.

Dead by Daylight, a game that has been consistently one of the top streamed games on Twitch, has announced that after only one week they have created a profitable game. The game was anticipated to have a warm welcoming after getting favorable reviews amongst many of the larger streamers during its beta.

The 270,000 units that have been sold have covered the development costs and then some. Some were worried that it would follow the likes of Evolve and tank quickly after release. However, Dead by Daylight’s price point ($19.99 $17.99) has made for a more accessible product.

Starbreeze and Behavior Digital have been actively patching the game and listening to community feedback. The game added two new monsters as well as, two additional maps for players to play on.

Dead by Daylight is a multiplayer online horror game that pits 4 people against a player-controlled monster. The “Survivor’s” goal is to work together to escape the killer before they are tracked down and sacrificed, meanwhile, the “Killer” is tasked with tracking and hunting the “survivors”.


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Published Jun. 23rd 2016
  • Rothalack
    Master O' Bugs
    This game is highly entertaining to watch some of my favorite streamers play, and I hate horror games.

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