Xbox One/PC Cross-buy limited to DLC and in-game items

Unlike the assumed full-game access with cross-buy, it is limited to buying DLC and in-game items.

With the official launch of Windows 10 underway, gamers rejoice about the promise of the Xbox One/Windows 10 PC cross-buy feature, which announced to the public back in March at the Game Developers Conference. However, Microsoft has confirmed that this cross-buy feature is very limited: instead of cross-platform full access to games, players are limited to only getting their hands on in-game items and DLC.

To soften the blow, there are additional features that help make this cross-platform feature more exciting: cross-platform live streaming. Now with a brand new Xbox gaming app and matching Windows 10 interfaces, gamers are able to skip the expensive video capture devices and stream straight from their Xbox to their live streaming accounts on PC or tablet. As long as both of your devices have Windows 10, then streaming is possible.

So for now, there's no confirmation on the idea of having full-game access via cross-buy, but there's always hope for it to come to gamers in the future. According to a statement by Microsoft:

"As we bring more titles to Windows 10 and Xbox One and enable rich cross-device scenarios, we will continue to listen to our fans and evaluate what's best for each individual game."

If we ever get it, it seems it will be due to high player demand on a game-by-game basis. We'll just have to wait and see. 


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Published Aug. 8th 2015

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