5 Most Useless Party Members in the Most Popular RPGs

5. Solas (Dragon Age Inquisition)

Rude, arrogant, full of himself, disrespectful, belittling -- these are just some of the words players can describe this elf with. Just look at that mug! Seriously, do you expect this clown to say something nice to you, or offer words of encouragement and support. He looks like one of those people who would tell you something like, "Told you so!" He always has a response to everything that is said to him, and thinks he's better and more superior than you. 

As far as him in combat goes, let's just say that there are much better and more suitable choices that could easily replace him. Sure, he's a mage, but if you can find a replacement for him (which you can!), do so quickly...

Published Dec. 21st 2016

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