Get Your Hands on a Bronze SR-1 Normandy

Get your own bronze SR-1 Normandy at San Diego Comic Con this year.

Do you like to get your hands on the latest and greatest pieces of video game items being sold or given out by the biggest and coolest studios at the moment? Are you the sultan of swag, the master of memorabilia, or even a connoisseur of collectibles?

If you are one (or all) of those things then get your sweaty ass over to San Diego Comic Con from July 18-21, because Bioware will be giving out these awesome bronze replicas of the SR-1 Normandy from the Mass Effect series!

If you will be attending the convention this year then make sure to get over to the Dark Horse Comic booth where Bioware will be promoting their new lore book, Dragon Age: The World of Thedas.

Get there early too, because there is only a limited amount to snag. Bioware says that they only have 300 to give out and they are limited to 2 per person.

If you happen to get one, take a picture and post it in the comments. We would love to see it!

Published Jun. 19th 2013

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